MNM4SDR: Monitoring Network Manager for RTL-SDR


  • Listen to audio from Remote RPi by streaming back from station to your desktop, FLAC and OGG (higher CPU usage) encoded.
  • Stream rate could be set to 192000 bit/s and it makes possible RDS decoding with RDS Spy. (Because of FLAC encoder stream rate could be lower but 192000 is safe bet)
  • Scanning RF bands (Spectrum and Waterfall diagrams)
  • Save CSV file of scanned band for further analysis or as input to the or similar program.
  • Save raw output of rtl_fm for further analysis.
  • Controlling rtl_tcp in much convenient manner so You can connect third party software (SDR#, GQRX, …) and switch between RPis as easy as a couple of clicks.
  • Save raw IQ data at specified frequency and sample rate.
  • There is not any limitation on the number of running MNM4SDR as long as any of running MNM4SDR session is connected to different RPi station. So you can work with many of RPi stations in parallel.
  • For the people with Up/Down converters, The offset frequency can be set now.

Link dello sviluppatore Link


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